Sunday, August 1, 2010

Outline of Business Plan

During the next few articles, we are going to provide specific strategies and ideas in order to help you create a marketing plan.
The marketing plan is only one part of your overall plan or your business plan.
A business plan can be used for a few key reasons:
1. to state your objectives so that you have a clear picture of where you want your business to go
2. to be used as a financial proposal
Provided directly below, you will find a sample outline for a business plan. You can see how your marketing plan would fit into this approach. (V and VI are a general outline of your marketing plan.)

I. Summary:

1. Objectives
2. Description of the business
3. Products and Production
4. Marketing Strategy
5. Management
6. Finances

II. Company:

1. Ownership
2. Location and facilities
3. History
4. Goals and milestones

III. Products:

1. Description
2. Features and comparison
3. Research and development

IV. Production Plan:

1. Labor
2. Suppliers
3. Equipment
4. Property and facilities
5. Subcontractors
6. Manufacturing costs

V. Market Research and Analysis:

1. Target market
2. Market survey
3. Industry analysis
4. Competition

VI. Marketing Strategy:

1. Sales and distribution
2. Advertising and public relations
3. Positioning
4. Pricing
5. Strategic alliances

VII. Management strategy:

1. Description of management team
2. Remuneration
3. Shareholders
4. Consultants

VIII. Financial Strategy:

1. Reason for financing
2. Sources of financing
3. Financial package
D. Time line

IX. Budget strategy:

X. Supporting Documents:


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