Sunday, August 1, 2010

Do you have a Business plan?

When talk about business plans. Many SMEs will see a business plan is just the image.

Passport to borrow from financial institutions or venture into business. Venture Capital or Venture Capital. True business plan to what Amy SMEs than expected.

Days prior to the co-author of the training activities of the Institute of Business Plan and Medium-sized Enterprises at Thammasat Rangsit. And try to talk with Amy several SMEs. Have the opportunity to exchange ideas and experience with multiple operators. Has realized that. Benefits of a business plan that entrepreneurs are also aware of the limit and unable to adjust to the benefit to cost effectively as they should.

Today is for many top view perspective should not overlook the following:

1. A business plan is finalized ideas. Edge map as a leading official business. A. Many SMEs have a good idea. But do not know how to start a business. To convert the idea to do business or not. You can find answers from this business plan. By bringing these ideas to sort cent. Plain prospects. Opportunities and obstacles. Operators face in the real business. Combined with the strengths and weaknesses of the male experience of self-assembly. To lead to different strategies. To access the targeted customers. Business plan will enable operators to know that. You should go to plan or keep it permanently keep folding tray insert always try to think that a land you pretty good location in the heart of the city. Near the leading private universities. You wish to build a dormitory for students to rent. But you still lack experience in business. And know how to start. They may begin to study business opportunities. Data from the data of prospects. That demand for housing much. How behavior. What obstacles have strengths and weaknesses of what operators. Through the marketing plan to create marketing strategies to reach those customers. As well as the various figures and any assumptions. Create financial plan to consider the investment worthwhile, or do not cover. What is the point of payback.

2. Business plan help in the control areas. The business plan. Plan that will include sub-plans, marketing plans, production plans, including money management plan when operators business plan was completed. Such plans can be compared to the actual events that occurred. To assess performance. Is like as a barometer of management areas. A to SMEs. That is what we point to overlook. And what points need to be, and more.

3. Testamentary business is like a business plan to deliver to children. Delivery business, passed on from one generation to another is. Can start by providing your children learn from working in real organizations. But one way to help businesses heirs learn your business in a short period of time than is the business plan to offer you. Heir business can learn from the short business plan. A review of ideas in the business of heir. As well as view the business operators were full. Without significant time to learn to work at other departments. When looking heir to a more comprehensive picture. Images can be. To each other like picture puzzles Law. And the business plan as an intermediary in the talks discussed with operators who are fathers. The concept, which can transfer to heirs more. Including teaching strategies. In business through the business plan as an intermediary.

4. Business plan is a tool to analyze the lending or venture capital. Business plan will help enable financial institutions or venture capital business. Can understand the business of the S. E. M.. That have come to do. Future will continue to whither. Have the ability or potential profit growth in how much. Have the ability to repay loans or not. Return on investment is how. Appropriate to the venture, or lending or not.

5. Learning is a business plan draft machine businesses. To compete in the business field. In field operations. To get to know us is important. Business plan will enable us to study the competition of perspectives. And the images. The interaction of competition measured to reflect the impact on business. To build image ideas clearly. Preparation for the next strategic move. The business plan is often a simulated events. That may occur in real situations (Sensitivity Analysis) as competitors reduced price. Or special promotion. Or new products come out to vie for market, or if new competitors into the industry that we operate so we will have strategies to respond and interact in various situations. Them how.

For example, in the case. If the land next. Apartments are up to live. To sell to some students. We should protect our market approach to how the operator strategy and a backup plan in advance to interact competitors. Or respond to various situations. Changed instantly. A good business plan. Operators must make their own. To come to know that. And when to modify or amend it later. They can do their own players without difficulty. Important learning concepts in the work of the business plan. Business plan that will benefit cost is guide to the business. The experts may have to help advise on the plan time. Organized courses in business plan to the operator. Many institutions will use to access passenger operators lecture. When the course is to write their business plan. The majority of operators are often installed on various issues. Especially in conversion ideas. And figure out a strategy. The author did not know how to start. What should be written. Information industry conditions. Be available from anywhere.

From observations of the author. Writing a good map. Identification must be made by operators themselves. The experts may have to write a plan forward articulate mentor. Advice on writing a business plan to face. Apart from the additional new insights. Operators may be to overlook. Views from experts to help close vulnerabilities added strength in business of operators. Monitor a business plan consultant. Should have experience in same or similar business operators. Make the best ideas more comprehensive. To build realistic business plan to the Book of business operators continue.

However, the business plan is a paper sheet. Having a good business plan does not guarantee the success of the business. Business plan will help enable operators to see a picture of the business all over. Good business plan must be practical. To modify the factors and the changing environment and to control risk factors that must be faced to find ways to manage or reduce such risks. With a lot of useful business plan.

Continue to ask questions that today's entrepreneurs and business plans, or if the answer is to want to encourage you made a release. To add perspective to the business try to contact several institutions that offered a business plan or institutions to small and medium-sized enterprises.


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